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This course will demonstrate how you can input custom checkout fields into LearnDash certificates using shortcodes! In order to do this, when you click the purchase button below you will be taken to a WooCommerce Product page where you can purchase the course (for free!). You will then see the checkout form which will include a custom field box that we have inserted into the standard form using the 'Flexible Checkout Fields' plugin. Upon purchasing the course you will then be able to generate your certificate which will showcase how we can take checkout field information and input this into the certificate using our add-on plugin available to grab here: https://www.discoverelearninguk.com/store/custom-certificate-shortcodes-learndash/
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What is the target audience?
  • People looking for a free and effective way to add custom fields to their LearnDash certificates for users such as Company Name, Student/Staff ID, Membership Number, etc.
What are the requirements?
  • LearnDash LMS 4.2 or higher, WordPress 4.5 or higher, 'Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce' plugin, ‘Flexible Checkout Fields’ Shortcodes for LearnDash plugin by Discover eLearning.
Learning Outcomes
  • By purchasing this course and completing the simple steps in order to unlock the end certificate, you will see how using our plugin we can easily take data that the user provides during checkout and place this onto a LearnDash course certificate using shortcodes.

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